Details for 2020

Treasurer/ Secretary:

Handicap Secretary:


Brian Forshaw

Alan Staziker

Bob Wilson

Dates for 2020

27th March - West Lancashire (18 Holes)

15th May - Lancaster (18 Holes)

3rd July - Windermere (27 Holes)

13th August - Ringway (27 Holes)

Three day trip: 25th to 27th September - Aldwark (54 Holes)

6th November - Hillside (18 Holes)

30th December - Formby Ladies (18 Holes)

Contact Details

Brian Forshaw (Secretary):       01257452000

Alan Staziker (Handicap Sec.): 01772600232

Bob Wilson (Chairman):            01772601811

Come and Join Us!

Come and Join Us!

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Joe Maxwell